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so i went to disneyland yesterday. i forgot how awesome it is and apparently i forgot how to spell cause i keep hitting the wrong keys. oops. anyway the haunted mansion is fucking amazing. all nightmare before christmas'd out. it's wonderful. i saw two people i went to school with and avoided interaction at all costs. it was a good day for the don and i. lots of realizations. it was nice. i left feeling different towards him. in the best way possible. i didn't think i could add onto what i already feel for him but i have. we went for our 6 month anniversary. which was saturday but i had to work. we're going to knott's scary farm sometime, just don't know when. anyway yesterday was awesome. good times indeed. anyway i need shoes and i just bought a paul frank bag and underwear. i get paid on thursday. yay me but rent is due and yeah i owe my mom 40 bucks and i just saw an awesome jacket at macy's for only 50 bucks but i know it won't be there when i go back. blah. i'm tired so i'm going to bed. <333
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